Public invited to celebrate wrap-up of locally filmed movie

Krystle Wagner • May 5, 2018 at 6:00 PM

The public has a chance to meet the cast and crew of a locally shot movie as they celebrate wrapping up the project.

Some scenes from “Coming Up for Air”  will also be shown during the event scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 8, at the Grand Haven 9.

The movie, set in a town called Grand Haven, follows one mother’s journey to help her son who is struggling with the stress of academics and athletics at a university.

For director Bob Cicchini, the film is also about understanding and recognizing pivotal moments in life and having the courage to act, even if other people don’t approve. He said the film is also about the humility and courage it often takes to be a loving parent.

Cicchini noted that some of the scenarios encountered in the film are relevant to our times — such as mental illness, gun safety, single-parenting, health insurance laws and the stress student-athletes face.

Filming began in August 2017. The final scenes are scheduled to be filmed this weekend.

The movie was filmed in Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Holland, Ludington, Muskegon, Ann Arbor and Wisconsin.

Although editing is in progress, a final release date for the film has yet to be announced.

Cicchini got involved in the film because of a working relationship with producer Roger Rapoport. They’ve previously collaborated on films such as “Waterwalk” and “Pilot Error.”

As a filmmaker, Cicchini said he’s interested in working on movies that will be beneficial to the world. He believes this film has the possibility to do that.

In researching the film, they worked with individuals from Ottawa County Community Mental Health. Rapoport said the film was drawn from their research, and from families and parents, but it’s a broad story that isn’t entirely focused on mental health.

Rapoport and Deborah Staples, who plays the main character’s mother, Anna Russell, co-wrote the script.

Cicchini lives in Los Angeles, but grew up in Detroit. He said he enjoyed the feeling of being in his home state, and deepening the friendships and relationships with other people involved in the film.

Throughout the filming, Cicchini said they benefited from people’s generosity all over Michigan.

Rapoport said they are holding next week’s public celebration as a way to thank the community. Most of the individuals involved in the film have a connection to Michigan or Wisconsin, he added.

The film is being edited by David Darling, of D Squared Productions. The film’s executive producers include Tom Boldt, Dorothy Johnson and Robert Goodrich. Tyler Joslin of Grand Haven has also been involved as an editor and cinematographer.

Goodrich owns the Grand Haven 9, as well as other movie theaters. Rapoport said Goodrich and his team have helped them show their films around the country and provide production advice.

“We couldn’t have done it without them,” Rapoport said.

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