Ferrysburg sewer rates on the rise

Marie Havenga • Jun 22, 2018 at 12:00 PM

FERRYSBURG – The City of Ferrysburg is raising its sewer rates to help fund the new sewer line under the Grand River.

Customers will see a $36.75 increase per quarter — the largest on record — according to Ferrysburg City Manager Craig Bessinger.

The new rates take effect July 1.

Ferrysburg, Spring Lake Township and the Village of Spring Lake will split the cost of the new sewer line proportionately, based on usage.

Ferrysburg will owe about 16 percent of the $5.4 million estimate for the force main, 7 percent of the wastewater treatment plant improvements and 100 percent of Ferrysburg lift station improvements.

“They're getting obsolete,” Bessinger said of the local lift station equipment. “Our guys are having issues getting parts for them.”

The readiness-to-serve charge will jump $13.56 per quarter for the force main and lift station improvements, wastewater treatment plant improvements will cost $3.94 per quarter and lift station improvements within the city will add $19.25 per quarter, for a total of $36.75 per quarter. That means Ferrysburg sewer customers will pay an additional $147 per year.

“The force main replacement (under the Grand River) has been on the agenda for a number of years,” Bessinger said.

That sewer pipe under the Grand River carries waste from Ferrysburg, Spring Lake Township and Spring Lake Village to the wastewater treatment facility in Grand Haven. All three communities have been setting aside money to fund the replacement, but last year, the pipe sprung a leak, accelerating the need for replacement.

“No one likes to increase rates but this is a necessity,” Bessinger said. “The city needs to invest in its infrastructure to keep everything working properly and to provide sanitary sewer service.”

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