Ferrysburg, Grand Haven continue planning for North Shore project

Alex Doty • Aug 6, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Work continues in both Ferrysburg and Grand Haven on the planning of a joint reconstruction project of North Shore Drive.

The two communities are in the midst of the pre-design phase of the project. The scope of work includes North Shore from the intersection of Main Street in Grand Haven to the North Shore Beach County Park in Ferrysburg.

Here’s what you need to know about the project, according to the most recent update from the City of Grand Haven:


The project is a joint-funded venture with the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Transportation Improvement Program. Funding for Grand Haven is appropriated in the state's fiscal year 2018-19 budget, while Ferrysburg will be appropriated in the state's 2019-20 budget.

Grand Haven’s portion of the project has an approximate Iength of 5,250 linear feet, with a total estimated project budget of a little more than $1.4 million. The Ferrysburg portion is roughly a half-mile, stretching from the Grand Haven/Ferrysburg border north toward North Beach Park.

Schedule and staging

The design, permitting, bidding and award to a contractor will be completed through February 2019.

Construction is scheduled for two phases. The first phase will begin in mid to late March 2019 and stop around Memorial Day. The second phase is scheduled to begin after Labor Day and wrap up in early November 2019.

Stage 1 will see removal and reconstruction of the road and drive approaches as necessary in Grand Haven. The second stage will include the resurfacing in Ferrysburg and restoration of the entire construction project. This will include the top course of asphalt over the entire construction project.

Restoration, the top course of asphalt, traffic signs, pavement marking and other miscellaneous tasks that signal the project is almost done are scheduled for October and November.

Final touch-ups, warranty work and any remaining restoration will be completed by May 2020.

Traffic coordination and parking

Within the construction limits, the project is intending to utilize single-lane access to properties along the construction area and those to the south of the project.

Vehicle access will be a challenging part of the construction project because of the single access to properties inside the construction zone and those to the south. Through-traffic will be actively discouraged during construction.

There will be days, primarily during underground utility construction and when new concrete drive entrances are poured, when access will be further limited. Advance notification will be provided. The Prein & Newhof inspector and construction team will work with neighbors to find ways to access properties as needed during these periods.

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