Grand Haven Tribune: Pantyhose mystery on Lakeshore

Pantyhose mystery on Lakeshore

Becky Vargo • Nov 1, 2018 at 12:00 PM

GRAND HAVEN TWP. — Police say they haven’t had any complaints about pantyhose littering Lakeshore Drive, but some local residents say the discarded clothing has been showing up on the roadway south of Robbins Road randomly for five years now.

Karen Fredricks posted a request for information on social media a couple of weeks ago, but got no answers. She’s one of the people who have been disposing of the hose littered in front of her home and near the entrance to the 43 North apartment complex north of Comstock Street in Grand Haven Township.

Christina Tacoma, who lives a few houses south of the apartment complex, said she’s watched another neighbor use a stick to move the pantyhose into his garbage.

“He will not touch it,” she said, making a slight gagging noise.

Campbell Stephenson said he often notices a fresh pair of pantyhose on the road when he leaves for work Monday mornings.

“I text Rhonda (his wife) and tell her they are out there again,” he said.

Stephenson said the pantyhose has been showing up a lot more often lately.

“When I first saw them, I thought that somebody’s garbage tipped over,” Tacoma said.

Stephenson speculated that the hosiery could be a signal for somebody, or maybe someone is upset with apartment management and is throwing the pantyhose in their face.

An employee working in the office at 43 North said she didn’t know anything about the pantyhose.

Tacoma said they also asked around during a neighborhood party, and nobody confessed to being the pantyhose litterer or to seeing anyone discard the clothing.

Comments on Fredrick’s social media post ranged from “at least nobody is in them” to “who wears them anymore” and “zero days without nonsense (remember No Nonsense pantyhose?).”

Anyone with valid information about the person or persons leaving the pantyhose is asked to send an email to [email protected]

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