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GH man writes 'Abandoned Michigan'

• Feb 26, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Name of book: “Abandoned Michigan”

Author: Kyle Brooky

Literary genre: History

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, local bookstores, and online from Arcadia Publishing and The History Press.

Synopsis of the book:

In 2006, Michigan's unemployment rate was recorded as being the worst in the entire country. People left. Businesses closed. Once-swarming cities were full of boarded-up windows and locked doors. Some have since recovered and reopened, but many have not.

This is where “Abandoned Michigan” picks up the story. What became of these forgotten buildings? Have you ever wondered what lies within that old building as you drive past? Join us as we step foot inside these haunting and beautiful locations that include factories, ski resorts, mines, restaurants, hospitals, houses and much more.

Featuring more than 200 full-color photographs, you will witness the beauty that can be found in decay as we look at these buildings, many for the last time before they are lost forever to time or the wrecking ball. “Abandoned Michigan” not only takes you inside these lost places, but tells the history of them and how they came to be abandoned.

Why did you write the book?:

As with my video channel, I hope that this work will help others to realize that these dilapidated and forgotten places are not just an eyesore for their respective communities, but places where history has happened. From this, hopefully others may be less inclined to move for demolishing these buildings but rather restoring and preserving those that can be saved.

Book notes:

1. From the creators of the urban exploration YouTube channel, Ruin Road (www.youtube.com/c/RuinRoad).

2. Locations explored are both popular spots from Ruin Road as well as unseen-before places.

3. Features more than 200 color photographs showcasing all seasons.

4. Extensive research uncovers the history behind these buildings.

5. More than 40 locations across the state, from the urban sprawls of Flint to the rural wilderness of the north.

6. A selection of buildings both still standing and those which have been demolished.

7. Features chapters dedicated to each type of abandoned buildings such as ghost towns, factories, hotels, etc.

About the author:

Kyle Brooky has always been interested in the strange and offbeat. From a young age, he always wondered what lied within that “spooky old house” in the woods near his grandparents’ cottage.

In 2016, along with a partner he formed Ruin Road, a video blog dedicated to exploring abandoned and forgotten buildings. Utilizing his media production degree, he has been dedicated to preserving these beautiful places through video and photographs to tell the history of these places that are now forgotten by most. In his spare time, he enjoys writing screenplays and collecting movies.

Brooky grew up in the Grand Haven area and graduated from Grand Haven High School in 2009 and from Calvin College in 2013, and currently lives in Grand Haven Township.

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