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Pay It Forward class supports Extended Grace

• Mar 7, 2019 at 12:00 AM

In February, the Pay It Forward program at Grand Haven High School awarded more than $2,500 to the Extended Grace organization and its Momentum Center in Grand Haven.

Pay It Forward is the brainchild of GHHS teacher Brian Williams. In its fifth year, the all-senior, semester-long class encourages students to go into the community and meet with local nonprofits to learn how they are implementing change on a variety of issues.

After learning about various programs, the Drug Addiction Awareness Team — consisting of Isabell Bird, Madison Chapel, Ellie Vandyke and Julianna Stump — then solicited local businesses for donations to support a raffle and silent auction to benefit drug addiction awareness in the Grand Haven community.

The fundraising generated $2,573.53, which was then donated to support Extended Grace’s commitment to drug awareness and outreach for those struggling with addiction.

The Drug Addiction Awareness Team members said the project helped them to better understand and destigmatize drug addiction.

The Momentum Center’s dual-purpose mission focuses on adult mental health, disabilities and addictions; while the teen program promotes positive relationships, mental health, success in school and overall well-being.

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