Bike path extension coming to west side of Spring Lake

Marie Havenga • Mar 14, 2019 at 2:00 PM

The Spring Lake Township Board earlier this week approved a new stretch of bike path that will create a loop on the west side of Spring Lake.

The new half-mile stretch will run along the south side of VanWagoner Road, between West Spring Lake Road and 168th Avenue, and will cost $580,000 to construct.

The path will be paid for by bike path millage dollars. No grants will contribute to it.

“This new bike path loop will connect the new Spring Ridge subdivision on VanWagoner, which was required to put in a bike path in front of their development,” Township Manager Gordon Gallagher said. “It will make a great walking loop for people in that area.”

Gallagher said the half-mile stretch will effectively create a loop to the intersection of West Spring Lake Road and 168th Avenue, which meet as a fork in the road just north of Smith's Bridge.

“The total loop will end up being between 1 1/2 and 2 miles,” he said. “It will be a nice loop for people who want to get out and enjoy the bike path. The new bike path will go from West Spring Lake Road by the water tower over to 168th Avenue by the church. For anyone in those neighborhoods, it will give them a nice loop to be able to stay on the bike path and stay off the road.”

Gallagher said he expects the new route will be popular with families pushing strollers, bikers, walkers and joggers.

“When you're on West Spring Lake Road, you can take the bike path all the way into Ferrysburg and all the way up to Rycenga Park,” he said. “You can take the bike path all the way around Spring Lake.”

Gallagher expects work to begin this spring.

“I would guess we will probably sign an agreement with Brennar Excavating in the next two weeks, and then we will have a construction schedule,” he said.

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