Council approves public works monument

Alexander Sinn • Apr 16, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Grand Haven could soon be home to a unique public monument. 

The City Council last week unanimously approved a monument to recognize public works employees — the men and women responsible for keeping public infrastructure running and fixing the local roads and streets.

The Midwest Michigan branch of the American Public Works Association endorsed the plan to build the monument along Grand Haven’s waterfront.

“This monument would honor the past, present and future workers for their hard and dedicated work, to those that commit to making each and every community in our country the best it can be,” Grand Haven Public Works Director Derek Gajdos told the City Council in a memo.

Gadjos said the monument would not draw from the city’s General Fund, but instead will be provided as a gift to the city through fundraising efforts. A project committee will be formed to vet artists and choose a location and medium, Gajdos said prior to the council approval.

Councilman Bob Monetza said more details should be provided to the council, but voted to approve the idea.

“I’m a little concerned about this taking on a life of its own,” he noted, as council members agreed the project should not be too large in scale. 

Mayor Geri McCaleb said the city could determine a spot for the monument along its boardwalk. Whether the end result be a statue or plaque or other construction will be determined by the yet-to-be-formed committee.

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