Grand Haven Tribune: Trump supporters set up display in Grand Haven

Trump supporters set up display in Grand Haven

Becky Vargo • Jun 25, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Members of the LaRouche Political Action Committee (PAC) set up a display in support of President Trump late Monday morning in front of the Grand Haven post office.

Some passing motorists honked and gave the participants a "thumbs up." One woman booed loudly as she drove by, while others steered wide as they walked in or out of the post office.

“No thanks,” said one man when he was asked if he wanted to support the president.

The PAC members had information to hand out to interested persons.

Chris Sare of New Jersey and Malena Robinson of Massachusetts said they were part of the LaRouche PAC, which was garnering support for President Trump in advance of the G-20 Osaka Summit scheduled for this weekend.

They didn’t stay in Grand Haven for long. An incoming weather front had the two easterners packing long before they planned to be done.

“We have a team in Muskegon we have to pick up before it rains,” Sare said as he checked a weather app on his cellphone.

PAC members have been setting up in front of post offices in West Michigan and will continue to do so before meeting back in Detroit in couple of days.

“It’s public space,” Sare said of their location. “We called the police this morning to let them know we would be here.”

They’ve recently been in Ludington, Cadillac and Bay City.

A few more days of this and Sare said he had to go back to work for a while before he heads out on tour again.

Robinson said the other major campaign they are working on is to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche, who died in February at the age of 96. LaRouche ran for U.S. president eight times.

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