Not in my backyard

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:38 PM

Those views will soon change as construction crews make their way to clear-cut the area and build the M-231 highway within the next month.

“I didn’t choose to live next to a highway,” Eding said. “I am going to look outside and look at the road over there.”

The M-231 project aims to bridge two sides of the Grand River and connect I-96 to M-45. But Eding says the plan to put the new highway's right of way nearly 100 feet from her home is giving her a lot of headaches.

Eding said she was on the Michigan Department of Transportation's list for a condemnation, which meant the state would buy all of her property for the highway right of way.

“From the very beginning of this, I’d been on the list for a full take, up until last year,” she said.

Eding said she was taken off the list in December 2012, and now has to deal with having only a portion of her property taken. According to Eding, MDOT is only taking what they need for the road and nothing else.

“It is like we are ping-pong balls,” she said.

Eding said she has done all she can to try to solve the problem, but has yet to find an acceptable solution. She's called and written to the governor's office several times.

“In the first e-mail they send, they said they’d put it on a fast track," Eding said.

But she said that's been the only response to her inquiry.

Once the road is put in, Eding is concerned that her pole barn will become useless to her. This is because it is a drive-through barn and, once the road goes it, it would be more like a spare garage.

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