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David Winstrom

• Mar 6, 2018 at 12:00 AM

David Winstrom, Psy. D., passed away February 21 at his second home in Puerto 
Vallarta, Mexico. He was 25,048 days old, which is 68 years. (Psalm 90:12 - “Teach us to count our days.”)

Two dear friends were at his side in Mexico, D’ Rachael and Jim Kruis. Many of his Michigan friends and family were also loving him from afar, as he passed from this life to the next. He will be interred next to Jetta and Adam in the Holland City Cemetery.

Jetta Kincaid Winstrom was his wife and the love of his life; his son Adam, the delight. David was fond of holding Adam high in the air and declaring, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” Helping the world love Adam was the enthusiastic battle of David’s life. During his last year on earth, David authored a book about this challenge called, “I Choose Adam: Nothing Special Please.” It reveals his fight for Adam’s inclusion and primarily how heartfelt mainstreaming benefits all.

David attended Holland Public Schools, where his father was a physics teacher and David loved to play football. He attended Hope College, where he played football for the Flying Dutch; later he graduated from Grand Valley State University after serving as a conscientious objector during the war in Viet Nam. He earned two doctorates from Union University, in clinical psychology and in educational psychology. Along with his private practice, David served as an administrator at Ottawa County Mental Health, served on state licensing boards, and was often an expert witness in court.

God gave David a gigantic intellect, a warm heart and a profound sense of humor. He used these gifts to enrich many lives besides his own. David was a football player, a militant pacifist (like Einstein), a husband, a father, a friend, a doctor, a healer, a Mensa genius, a Harley-Davidson fan, a storyteller, a spiritual warrior, an avid Second Amendment advocate, and a fervent Bernie Sanders supporter. Most of all, he was a practicing Jewish-Christian. He was fond of Einstein’s Cosmic Religion and attended many synagogues and churches.

David is survived by his sister, Jenny; and many close friends. There will be a gathering to celebrate his life and mourn his death (for details on this celebration, go to https://goo.gl/vPdJUa).


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