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Rep. Lilly reflects on busy 2017

• Jan 9, 2018 at 3:00 PM

State Rep. Jim Lilly has completed a busy 2017 in the state House, noting the advancement of his bills to help western Ottawa County and the state as a whole.

“Michigan has taken another strong step forward in 2017 and I’m proud to contribute to that,” said Lilly, R-Park Township. “Our citizens have given us a very important responsibility and by balancing common sense with principled legislation, we’re making our state stronger than ever.”

Among Lilly’s key contributions were:

• A bill which required all introduced legislation include fiscal information, making legislators more aware of revenue impacts the bills might create and how the state plans to pay for services affected by the legislation.

• Legislation requiring that the state’s contribution to school employee 401(k)-style plans come through a separate and specific allocation by the Legislature. It will help protect the state’s financial future and the solvency of local school districts, and it will help ensure future generations aren’t stuck with fiscal burdens.

• Submitting a measure to prevent recounts from moving forward when it’s unlikely to impact the results of an election, saving local, county and statewide costs in a possible recount. The statute specifies candidates claiming to be “aggrieved” would have had a reasonable chance of winning the election.

• Voting to fund five recreational projects and land acquisitions, helping supporting improvements to Mulligan’s Hollow in Grand Haven, the Grand River waterfront at Waterfront Stadium, Keppel Forest Trail in Park Township, Spoonville Trail in the village of Nunica and Grand Haven State Park.

He also voted in support of:

• Bipartisan reform to make state government more transparent and accessible under the open-records requirements of the Freedom of Information Act

• A balanced budget that directs a record amount of state funding to K-12 education.

• Legislation safeguarding retirement benefits for police, firefighters and other local government employees. The new proposal calls for proper annual reporting from local governments to identify ones at financial risk due to underfunded retirement plans.

• A measure to end burdensome driver responsibility fees by this coming October and forgive all outstanding debt.

• A legislative package to expand skilled-trade education, giving high school students more career choices, and expand more commercial and technical classes to be offered by high schools.

“The past year has helped strengthen and improve Michigan for years to come,” Lilly said. “The next 12 months are just as crucial, so I hope to work with my colleagues in state government as well as my constituents to keep us moving forward.”

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