GH football players help install 'Coast Guard City USA' sign

Matt DeYoung • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:02 AM

That part was a little manual labor on Friday. Smith, the executive director of the Coast Guard Festival, had purchased large wooden letters that spelled out “Coast Guard City USA.” The letters measure 8 feet tall and resemble the famous Hollywood sign near Los Angeles. They were placed on Dewey Hill, located on the north shore of the Grand River in Grand Haven.

“We’ve been in camp all week, so we cut camp a little short (Friday) morning and got on the bus, got our game jerseys on, and went over there and carried the letters up," Farley said. “We had to dig some trenches to be able to put the letters in the ground. Now we just have to hope a big storm doesn’t come up in the next week.”

Farley said it was a great experience for his players.

“It gives those kids an opportunity to work together with someone outside of our coaching staff,” he said. “As the kids get older, hopefully they’ll give back to their community. That’s something in Grand Haven that’s so important. We get such great support for our football program, and I like for them to be able to give back, to be involved.”

Grand Haven opens organized practices on Aug. 8.

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