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Michigan Votes

• Apr 9, 2018 at 11:00 AM

The state Legislature has been on spring break with no sessions scheduled until Tuesday, April 10. Rather than votes, this report contains some interesting or noteworthy bill introductions.

Unless otherwise noted, all bills were referred to a committee.

Senate Bill 663: Mandate emotional support animal certification. Introduced by Sen. Peter MacGregor (R), to expand a law that authorizes criminal penalties for falsely claiming to have a disability that makes a person eligible to have a certified service animal, so that it also applies to a bona fide “emotional support animal." The bill would establish procedures and requirements for getting an emotional support animal certification, which among other things would require a health care professional who has been treating the individual for at least six months to attest to the validity of the need.

House Bill 5281: Impose licensure on assistance-animal trainers. Introduced by Rep. Peter Lucido (R), to impose a new comprehensive regulatory and licensure regime on individuals who provide “basic obedience training and instruction for assistance animals” (including both service animals like seeing-eye dogs and "emotional support animals").

Senate Bill 641: Impose licensure on "psychological associates.” Introduced by Sen. Judy Emmons (R), to impose licensure and regulation on "psychological associates," with license fees, continuing education mandates, a mandate to have accumulated 4,000 hours of experience within a two- to four-year period prior to being eligible for a license, and other requirements imposed by a board of existing practitioners.

Senate Bill 651: Mandate continuing education for mortuary professionals. Introduced by Sen. Rick Jones (R), to impose a continuing education mandate on licensed funeral home operators, and establish a different combination of education and apprenticeship requirements to get this license. Reported from committee, pending in the full Senate.

Senate Bill 683: Impose full licensure on acupuncturists. Introduced by Sen. Margaret O'Brien (R), to convert a registration mandate now imposed on acupuncturists into a more comprehensive licensure regime, including training and apprenticeship requirements, license fees, statutory, and administrative regulations and more.

Senate Bill 751: Revise details of government's permission to give shampoos. Introduced by Sen. Marty Knollenberg (R), to relax a few of the extensive and detailed licensure restrictions imposed on cosmetology students before they can give a shampoo and blow-dry (but not other services), subject to specified limits and conditions. Reported from committee, pending in the full Senate.

Senate Bill 826: Impose licensure on naturopathic physicians. Introduced by Sen. Rick Jones (R), to impose licensure and regulation on “naturopathic physicians,” with license fees, education requirements and more. The bill defines naturopathic medicine as “a system of practice that is based on the natural healing capacity of individuals.” Reported from committee, pending in the full Senate.

Senate Bill 916: Impose licensure mandate on “automatic recycling kiosks.” Introduced by Sen. Mike Kowall (R), to require second-hand goods and junk dealers that use an “automatic recycling kiosk” to obtain a license from each local government where one is located. “Automatic recycling kiosk” is defined as one that verifies identity by “remote examination of a seller's government-issued identification card by a live representative during all hours of operation,” and that takes a picture of the seller and goods.

House Bill 5224: Revise barber licensure detail. Introduced by Rep. Jeff Yaroch (R), to revise a state licensure mandate imposed on barbers that mandates 1,800 hours of barber college instruction before an individual can earn a living at this trade. The bill would permit up to 1,000 hours of training for a cosmetology license to be substituted.

House Bill 5031: Impose licensure on assisted living facilities for seniors. Introduced by Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D), to impose licensure on assisted living facilities for seniors, similar to licensure regimes imposed on hospitals, nursing homes and others.

Source: MichiganVotes.org

Huizenga votes

Congress was not in session last week, so there are no votes to record for U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Zeeland.

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