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Michigan Votes

• Mar 11, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Here’s how your local state lawmakers voted on legislation last week:

Senate Bill 87 — Don't eliminate Menominee county judgeship: Passed 105-0 in the House. To retain a district court judge in the 95th-A District Court in Menominee county. Under current law, this position will end with the retirement of the current judge, leaving the probate judge for Menominee County to serve as district judge this district.

According to committee testimony, there has been a 60 percent increase in criminal case filings in the county since the law eliminating this judgeship was passed in 2012, many related to drugs, and the bill could result in creating a drug treatment specialty court serving Menominee and adjacent counties. Fiscal agency analysis indicates the bill would cost the state $159,342.

Rep. Jim Lilly R - Park Township: Y

Rep. Gerald Van Woerkom R - Muskegon County: Y

House Bill 4244 — Authorize land acquisition and recreation projects: Passed 105-0 in the House. To appropriate $26.0 million from the state's Natural Resources Trust Fund for state and local land acquisitions and recreation development projects. When local matching funds are included this will result in $18.0 million in new recreation development and $24.0 in land acquisitions.

Rep. Jim Lilly R - Park Township Y

Rep. Gerald Van Woerkom R - Musekgon County Y

SOURCE:, a free, non-partisan website created by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, providing concise, non-partisan, plain-English descriptions of every bill and vote in the Michigan House and Senate. 

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