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State Briefs

By The Associated Press • Apr 24, 2019 at 8:00 AM

Michigan Senate OKs state ban on e-cigarettes for minors

LANSING (AP) — Michigan lawmakers are moving to ban the possession of e-cigarettes by minors.

Legislation approved unanimously by the Senate on Tuesday would also prohibit the sale of the battery-operated devices to people under age 18.

The federal government already bars e-cigarettes sales to minors. But supporters of the Michigan bills say having state-level restrictions would make it easier for law enforcement and schools to keep the nicotine-addictive "vaping" devices off campuses.

First- and second-time violators would receive a civil infraction, punishable by a maximum $50 fine. Additional violations would be a misdemeanor, also subject to a $50 fine.

The measures go to the House next.

Former Republican Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed similar bills, saying they would not have gone far enough in regulating e-cigarettes.

Cities advised to stop marking tires in parking enforcement

SAGINAW (AP) — Communities around Michigan expressed surprise Tuesday but abandoned a low-tech way to keep an eye on parking violators after a federal court said marking tires without a warrant violates the U.S. Constitution.

An appeals court ruled against Saginaw in a dispute over chalking tires downtown to ensure a vehicle doesn't exceed a two-hour parking limit. The court on Monday said it's an unreasonable search under the Fourth Amendment.

In Alpena, where parking is checked by the Downtown Development Authority, an employee was armed with a clipboard Tuesday but nothing to mark tires.

Bay City stopped writing downtown parking tickets after the court decision. Parking enforcement typically brings in $25,000 a year, said Suzanne Maxwell of the Downtown Development Authority.

Michigan court tightens legal standard on car searches

JACKSON (AP) — The Michigan Supreme Court has tightened the legal standard for searching people during a traffic stop.

The court ruled in favor of a car passenger who said his rights were violated when police in Jackson County searched his backpack without his consent.

The backpack held marijuana and methamphetamine. But in a unanimous decision Monday, the Supreme Court says the search was unconstitutional. Chief Justice Bridget McCormack says Larry Mead had a "legitimate expectation" of privacy.

Mead was a passenger in a car stopped by a sheriff's deputy. The deputy looked in Mead's backpack after the driver said the car could be searched.

McCormack compared it to someone using a ride-sharing service. She says police can't search a passenger based on consent from a driver.

Mead served nearly three years in prison.

Pence to visit Michigan to tout trade deal, raise money

TAYLOR (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence is visiting Michigan today to tout the new North American trade agreement and to raise money for President Donald's Trump re-election campaign.

Pence will have three events in the Detroit area. He will first participate in a fundraiser in Detroit for Trump Victory, a joint account with the Republican National Committee used for high-dollar gifts.

He will next will tour Ford's truck plant in Dearborn and then visit a Taylor business to speak to auto industry officials about the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the tentative pact that would replace NAFTA. The revised version, signed by the countries but awaiting approval by their legislatures, is designed to encourage factories to move back to the U.S. It would give the U.S. economy a modest boost, according to an independent federal agency.

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