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Michigan Votes

• May 6, 2019 at 11:00 AM

Here’s how your local state lawmakers voted on legislation last week:

House Bill 4206 — Allow schools to not make up lost "polar vortex" school days: passed 38-0 in the Senate. To establish that public schools do not have to make up the four class days that were canceled during the extreme cold weather of Jan. 29 to Feb. 2 (some schools missed fewer days). Under current law, schools are allowed to miss six "snow days" without a financial penalty or having to make-up the lost days. The Senate did not include a House-passed provision requiring school districts to pay hourly workers for hours they did not work on snow days. Due to a dispute over the hourly workers pay, the Senate did not obtain the super-majority vote required to give the bill immediate effect, meaning it would not go into effect until the following school year.

Sen. Roger Victory, R-Hudsonville: Y

House Bill 4206 — Approve immediate effect for "polar vortex" missed school days bill. To concur with a House-passed amendment to the Senate-passed version of the bill and, in a separate voice vote, give the bill immediate effect, meaning the bill will apply to the 2018-19 "polar vortex" missed school days it was introduced to address, but without the House-passed provision requiring school districts to pay hourly workers for hours they did not work on those days. The roll call vote reported here was to approve the House amendment; press reports indicate that just three Democrats voted "no" on the separate voice vote to give the bill immediate effect.

Sen. Roger Victory: Y

House Bill 4129 — Authorize release for medically frail prisoner: passed 35-3 in the Senate. To establish a process that allows a prisoner to be transferred to a facility that can provide acute long-term medical or mental health treatment or services, if the prisoner's physical or mental health has deteriorated to a point that renders the individual a minimal threat to society. This would not apply to prisoners sentenced to life without parole or first degree murder.

Sen. Roger Victory: Y

House Bill 4031 — Lower probation charges levied on prisoners: passed 109-0 in the House. To reduce the maximum “supervision fee” charged to probationers from $135 per month to $30 per month, and $60 if an electronic monitoring device is involved. This would also replace a schedule of means-tested discounts for low-income convicts. A judge could still waive the fees for a person who is indigent. Reportedly, the state collects only 6-10 percent of the fees that are levied, with the balance turned over to collections agencies.

Rep. Jim Lilly, R-Park Township: Y

House Bill 4206 — Accept Senate's limit on "polar vortex" school employee compensation: passed 56-53 in the House. To concur with the Senate version of the bill allowing schools to not have to make up school days missed due to the 2019 "polar vortex" cold snap, but without the House-passed provision requiring school districts to also pay hourly employees for missed school days.

Rep. Jim Lilly: Y

Source: MichiganVotes.org

Huizenga votes

Here's how U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Zeeland, voted on congressional legislation last week:

HR 9 — No Climate Action Now Act: N

H.Res. 328 — On motion to suspend the rules and agree, Supporting the protection of elders through financial literacy: Y

HR 1876 — National Senior Investor Initiative Act of 2019: Y

HR 91 — Columbia River In-Lieu and Treaty Fishing Access Sites Improvement Act: Y

Source: huizenga.house.gov

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