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Manitoulin makes 2nd visit to our port

By Sam Hankinson/Ships Log • Oct 11, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Two ships visited Grand Haven in the past week.

On Monday morning, Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.’s self-unloading motor vessel Manitoulin paid a visit to Meekoff’s D&M on Harbor Island. The Manitoulin was in port for most of the day and backed out in the early evening.

The next day, Interlake Steamship Co.’s motor vessel Kaye E. Barker came in with a load of stone for Verplank’s.

The Wilfred Sykes was scheduled to arrive in port Tuesday evening. The Calumet was scheduled for the Board of Light & Power coal dock on Wednesday. Due to the timing of when this column is due, that’s all the information I can provide on those two ships. I’ll have more details next week.

The Manitoulin was making its second visit of the season. It was here for the first time ever in July.

It is a unique-looking ship with a unique history. It was built by combining the stern of the saltwater tanker Lalandia Swan and a new bow section.

The stern section was built as the tanker Trelsi in 1991 at Uljanik Brodogradiliste Shipyard in Pula, Croatia. In 2001, the ship was renamed Euro Swan and, in 2011, it was renamed Lalandia Swan for Uni-Tankers of Middlefart, Denmark. As a tanker, it occasionally visited the Great Lakes region.

In late 2014, the Lalandia Swan was sold to Lower Lakes Towing of Port Dover, Canada. It arrived at Chengxi Shipyards in Jiangyin, China, to begin the refit that would include the installation of a bow-mounted self-unloading boom and a new bow (cargo) section.

It departed for the Great Lakes in September 2015 and started trading in the region the following November.

Before the conversion, its dimensions were 456 feet long, 75 feet wide and 21 feet deep. Now, it is 662 feet, 9 inches long; 77 feet, 9 inches wide; and 44 feet, 11 inches deep.

The Manitoulin is named for Manitoulin Island, located in northern Lake Huron. It is the largest freshwater island in the world.

Manitoulin Island is where Meldrum Bay, Ontario, is located, which is where the Manitoulin loaded for Grand Haven.

The ship is powered by a B&W 5L50MC diesel engine rated at 8,113 horsepower, giving it a service speed of 14.4 knots. It has a capacity of 19,570 tons and is equipped with both bow and stern thrusters.

The port should be busy in the coming week. The Wilfred Sykes, Herbert C. Jackson and Kaye E. Barker are all on schedule. Watch marinetraffic.com to see where these ships are.

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