Your memories of the windstorm of 1998

Tribune Staff • May 31, 2018 at 12:00 PM

We asked our Facebook friends to share their memories from the windstorm of 1998. Here’s what they had to say:

Jennifer Herrington: I slept through it, at 7 years old, including the large stick that came in through the window in the room I was sleeping in.

Andrea J. Masvero: I was pregnant and nearly due. I had contractions four minutes apart all evening, so we told our family we were headed to the hospital. Once I got there, contractions stopped and we were sent home about 2 a.m. I took a shower and went to bed. I woke up to trees down, power out, and no landline — and my family all wondering if the baby had arrived. Thankfully, I had a cellphone for work (they were more rare at that time!) so I could call my family. They were stuck in their neighborhood due to fallen trees; neighbors all came out with chainsaws to clear the roads. Power was out for several days and kind neighbors kept checking in on us. It was great to see the community rally together to take care of each other. Josiah waited 10 more days for his birthday! 

Kali Bishop: May 31 is my birthday, I remember two very specific things. The power was out and I couldn't charge the electric toothbrush I got for my birthday, I was devastated. Some of my family couldn't come to my party because they were stuck by a fallen tree.

Kelli Blanchard: We were having a “camp out” in the neighbor’s yard in a tent. We had staked down the tent because it was windy early in the day. We were glad we picked the neighbor’s house over our own, too. A huge tree fell in our yard right where the tent would have been.

Janine Kotwicki: Going to Portobello where I was a waitress. The owner was serving free lunch to police, firefighters and anyone doing cleanup. Sitting on the patio watching all the smashed campers being towed away.

Scott Dewitt: That was an intense storm. It came in as a dark black band, moving fast. We were lucky and didn't get hit hard but lost power for a few days. Later I went through two hurricanes that were worse in Florida (2005). Lost power for 30 days after Frances, then got it back and got hit again.

Denise Casemier: In-laws lived on Buena Vista in Spring Lake. They lost their roof and almost all the trees in the yard. Think they were without electricity for a couple of weeks. We were without electricity in GH Township for a few days, luckily we had city water and could give it to neighbors with wells.

Sarah Wiszkon: I was working at Meijer and we couldn’t keep batteries, ice or water on the shelves. Craziest days I ever worked outside of Christmas Eve.

Laura Settle Bakker: Brought my baby girl to us 10 days early! 

Dara Phillips: I slept through it in a cabin at Camp Blodgett!

Devon and Kara Hamm: I remember waking up and trying to get through town and in awe of how much damage had been done!

Hillary Eddy: My 18th birthday and what was supposed to be graduation day! We lost power for five days!

Chris May: This was the day I became Catholic at St. Mary’s Church.

Karen Palmer: No power for a week.

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