Artwork, ranging from drawings to sculptures and more, have been displayed throughout Grand Haven’s downtown since Sept. 17, during the 10th annual ArtWalk celebration. 

During this time, a panel of jurors, community members and visitors voted on which pieces they liked the best in six different categories. On Thursday, the winners were announced during an awards ceremony at the Grand Haven Community Center.

“I think we have always been fans of fine art in Grand Haven,” said Marc Hoeksema, one of more than 150 arts who participated this year. 

Thursday, Hoeksema was recognized twice for his piece “Lake Michigan Session,” which is on display at Carlyn and Company. He earned first place in the judges awards and second in the public vote for photography.

“The piece was part of a series, ‘Lake Michigan Sessions,’ that I started a few years ago of water perspectives of Lake Michigan,” the artist said. “I’ve always shot water photos.”

Hoeksema said the series was inspired by his mother, owner of Carlyn and Company, who said she would like more pictures of the lake on the walls. 

“So, I took a break from kitesurfing and surfing and brought a camera out on the water,” he said. “I’m glad everyone likes the photograph.”

Another artist whose piece drew plety of attention was Christa Barnell. Her painting “The Beekeeper” is on display at The Paper Place. Barnell earned first place in the judges awards for painting. 

“The picture is my longtime best friend and she is a beekeeper,” Barnell said. “We did a photoshoot with the bees and put flowers and things on her that would attract them.”

Barnell then painted the scene of the photoshoot, and found herself leaning toward more subdued colors than she originally expected. The artist was pleasantly surprised that her painting, which contains partial nudity, was accepted into the competition. 

“I really like the way the painting turned out,” she said.

Here’s the full list of winners:

Judges awards


1st: “The Gardener” by Rachel Drelles, at Vintage Green

2nd: “Snails Galore” by Marlan Cotner, at Peace Frogs


1st: “The Beekeeper” by Christa Barnell, at The Paper Place

2nd: “Portrait of Iris” by Sandy Meyer, at Gallery Uptown


1st: “Lake Michigan Session” by Marc A. Hoeksema, at Carlyn and Company

2nd: “Pier Gold” by Jon and Lori Arvey, at Theater Bar

Recycled Art

1st: “Nod to Van Gogh” by Kris Campau, at Studio JSD

2nd: “Tempus Fugit” by Jan Grant, at Calico Cat


1st: “Fish of Hope” by Rick Champion, at Studio JSD

2nd: “Torso Study” by Farrer Costen, at Grand Haven Community Center

Specialty Media

1st: “Shards” by Mark Jones and Kathy O’Brien, at The Creative Fringe

2nd: “Calm Tempest” by Martha Bergquist, at Borr’s Shoes

Public vote awards


1st: “Great Grey Moonlight” by Chandra Jennings, at Calico Cat

2nd: “Spring Run Off” by Sean Sterzer, at Marushka


1st: “Hometown Hero” by Andy Frisinger, at Jumpin’ Java

2nd: “Martini Blues in the Night” by Sid Disbrow, at Fortino’s


1st: “Religion Lost” by Chris Howell, at Cook’s Kitchen and Pantry

2nd: “Lake Michigan Session” by Marc Hoeksema, at Carlyn and Company

Recycled Art

1st: “Cabalitos del Mar” by Henri Laime, at Buffalo Bob’s

2nd: “August Night” by Derek Lenters, at Carlyn and Company


1st: “To Save” by Daniel Muellerleile, at Snug Harbor

2nd: “Sandhill Crane” by Terri Kipling, at The Paper Place

Specialty Media

1st: “Race to the Sea” by Kris Campau, at Marushka

2nd: “Mother and Son” by Jan Moser, at Patricia’s Chocolates

While this year’s ArtWalk will continue through Monday, organizers said plans for ArtWalk 11 are already in the works.

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