Restaurants Restrictions

Starting Monday, Michigan’s bars and restaurants will be required to collect personal information from all patrons for COVID-19 tracking purposes.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s latest restrictions on indoor social gatherings has local restaurant owners scrambling to determine the legality of the order, and ponder what effect the restrictions will have on already suffering businesses.

Whitmer’s office announced Thursday afternoon that, effective immediately, indoor venues without fixed seating must limit gatherings such as weddings and parties to no more than 50 people – down from a maximum of 500. In addition, restaurants, bars and other venues must seat no more than six people at a table.

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Rottweiler sign the recall petition


The basis for this latest authoritarian move by the Empress of Lansing is the same reason a dog licks himself - because they both can.

Vote for Joey and Kamala if you want more Government control over every aspect of your life.


The basis for the latest public health and safety move by the MI Dept of Public Health and Gov Whitmer is the spiking numbers of infections and hospitalizations throughout all of Michigan (and throughout the country), the greater degree in severity of those infections, the spread throughout all age groups, and the uptick in cases of severe side effects in patients who were infected and recovered months ago and who now will require long-time care with serious chronic diseases. Oh!, and.........VOTE for JOE and KAMALA if you want more integrity, honesty, sanity, accountability, and democracy in your government! There! - Fixed it for ya'!


Lanivan what would you know about sanity??!!


Please provide actual numbers from a credible source to prove: infections and hospitalizations are spiking throughout all of Michigan; the greater degree of severity of those infections throughout Michigan; the spread throughout all age groups in Michigan; the uptick of severe side effects who were infected and recovered months ago in Michigan and who now will require long-time care with serious chronic diseases.

Oh - you can't because you made it up.

"Integrity, honesty, sanity, accountability and democracy" are not words anyone but a partisan hack would apply to Joey and Kamala.

You fixed nuthin - including the two dogs proclivities.

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