Dungeons Dragon

From left to right, Dungeon Master Deon Reed assisting Sharon and Silvinito Alvarado develop their Dungeons and Dragons characters at Modern Table Top Gaming in Chester, Virginia.

For a few hours each week, Kevin Benedicto inhabits an otherworldly realm: Icewind Dale, a perilous land of tundra and frost, wizards and orcs, white dragons and crag cats. His domain is the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, the addictive tabletop role-playing game that made its debut more than four decades ago.

As dungeon master – for the uninitiated, that’s the game’s organizer and leader of the adventure – Benedicto steers his group of friends across a world conceived in their minds and limited only by their creativity and the roll of the dice. Here, they can do something they can’t in real life: defeat a monster.

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