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11 essential vacation items

• Jun 27, 2017 at 5:00 PM

It’s vacation time, and planning for it will make for a better time, says blogger and “chief executive angel” Josh Elledge of the Savings Angel website.

“Heading out on vacation, I advise not packing too much,” Elledge wrote for his “11 things to absolutely take on vacation” post. “In fact, I've written about what you should leave behind to ease stress. But there are some things you definitely need when you're on vacation and I advise not leaving home without.”

Topping his list, believe it or not, is a refrigerated (also known as iceless) cooler.

“Although these can be pricey (in the $80-plus range), they are well worth it,” so says Elledge. “A refrigerated cooler plugs into your car's power and eliminates the need for ice. Along with eliminating the need to buy ice, you avoid water-logged food, lighten the cooler's weight, and there is nothing to drain or worry about spilling.

“Although it's not necessary, I suggest chilling food and drinks you will take on vacation at the day before, and choosing a spot in your vehicle that is out of the sun to help the cooler run more efficiently.”

No. 2 is to take along extra (external) phone battery chargers. Third is “just one credit card and plenty of cash.”

Read the complete blog post: “11 things to absolutely take with you on vacation.”

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