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Crafted vs. craftsmanship

• Jul 4, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Do you know the difference between what is “crafted” and what should be considered “craftsmanship”?

Local blogger and Grand Haven art gallery owner Cyndi Casemier explains what she says is a difference.

“Many times, I think when we use the word ‘crafted’ we mean handmade and the maker is highly skilled at his craft — whatever that may be,” she wrote on her website’s blog. “So, you could use the term ‘crafted’ across many industries such as — tool and die makers, engineers, artists, cabinet makers, etc. But, are we using this word correctly?”

A blog the C2C Gallery owner refers to explains that “craftsmanship is an attitude,” and lists eight characteristics that mark a master craftsmen.

Read her complete blog post “Crafted versus Craftsmanship” to see the list.

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