#TBT Gallery – Looking back at the Tri-Cities in 1966

Matt DeYoung • Updated Jan 25, 2018 at 3:47 PM
Our weekly #TBT gallery has a different look this week. In a continued effort to find new and exciting photos from days gone by, we explored a few cabinets deep in the bowels of the Tribune and found all of the negatives from advertisement photos from 1966. In this gallery, you'll see a collection of those photos. What businesses are included? Some names that we recognize and others we don't. They include the Bil-Mar, the Big Store, Misty Car Wash, Robbins Music, Holtrop Blocks, Dog and Suds, Bill's Boat Shop, Botbyl Services, Braak's Bakery, Brosseit Paint Store, Charm Beauty, Cobb's Chicken, Colonial Apartments, Cooks Hardware, Colonial Kitchen, Central Auto Body, Dari Delight, Discount Drugs, Fortino's, Grand Haven Chrysler, Grand Haven Jewelry, the Grand Haven Roller Rink, Hobbe Bell Sports, and several others that we couldn't identify. Enjoy!
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