Apples are a must-eat fall treat.

They’re easy to eat at home or on the go, they’re versatile, can be enjoyed warm or cold, and they’re perfect for dipping in fruit dip or caramel.

This week, we’re slicing up some great apple tips, from how to keep them from browning, how best to store them and even how to create vivid dreams with apples.

Brown be gone

Apples are so tasty, but so quick to turn a nasty shade of brown as they quickly oxidize after cutting. To keep your apple recipes appetizing looking, use this handy tips:

— Soak slices in apple juice prior to using.

— Soak apples for a few minutes in 2 tablespoons honey mixed with 1 cup water.

— Dip the slices in lemon-lime soda.

— Pour ¼ cup lemon juice into 1 quart of cold water and soak the apples before using. You may substitute other citrus juice such as orange or grapefruit.

Bite-size sweet treats

If you’re like me, I love caramel apples but hate the feeling of sticky caramel on my face after trying to navigate eating one.

Here’s a great solution: mini caramel apples.

— Use a melon baller to scoop small circles from your apple (leave the skin on).

— Poke plastic sticks or toothpicks into the apple balls.

— Dip them in caramel.

— Place them in cupcake papers to harden.

Shine on

If you’re selecting single apples at the farm market or grocery store, look for specimens that are firm and shiny. Dull skin gives you a clue that the insides may not be crisp and at full flavor potential.

One bad apple

Apples are a beautiful addition to your fruit bowl and amp up the fall décor. But throw out bruised or blemished apples.

You’ve heard the phrase “one bad apple?” It’s true. One bad one can ruin the whole bunch.

Don’t store the apples near onions or garlic – they could take on the flavor. And potatoes will speed up the apples’ aging process, so stay clear of that companionship.

Ageless apples

If you’re looking to bring your fresh apple munching into the winter months, wrap each apple individually in newspaper (use only black and white pages). Store them in a dark, cool place.

Just dreamy

Have a hard time remembering your dreams? Load up with apple juice before bedtime. The juice contains a chemical compound that purportedly helps you have vivid and memorable dreams.

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