Spiders, mice, wasps – oh my!

Although we’re experiencing summer-like weather this weekend, it won’t be long before creatures want to make their way into our homes.

To keep unwanted guests away, try these suggestions:

Mouse in the house

It’s never fun to have a surprise visitor that doesn’t sport two oversized black ears and a Disney trademark. But it’s the time of year when mice find their way into our humble abodes.

If you spot a mouse and don’t want to use a traditional snap trap, you can pick up a live trap for a few dollars more at area home improvement stores.

Or, if you’re in screeching mode and need to get a mouse out of your house immediately, try this:

n Grab a tube of wrapping paper (it’s OK if the paper is still on it).

n Take a piece of paper or newspaper and rubber band it around one end so it forms a seal.

n Grab something crunchy out of your cupboard like potato chips, nuts, crackers or sunflower seeds.

n Place the food partway inside the tube.

n Set the tube near where the mouse is hanging out and step away.

n When you hear the telltale crunching sound, grab the tube and turn it upright so the mouse falls to the bottom.

n Seal the top end of the tube and drive the mouse at least a mile away to release him.

Web address

To address those eight-legged creatures that creep and crawl around our homes when they’re not spinning webs, try this concoction:

Mix equal parts vinegar and water. Spray the mixture around cracks, windows, door openings and other potential spider entry points for a natural repellent.

Fruit fly finale

It’s handy to keep fresh fruit in the house, but in time, it attracts little winged visitors.

To keep fruit flies in check, all you need is some apple cider vinegar and a glass.

n Fill the container with a couple of inches of vinegar.

n Cover with plastic wrap.

n Poke holes in the wrap.

n The fruit flies will be attracted to the sweet smell, enter through the holes and get trapped.

Wasp impersonator

Some varieties of wasps avoid pre-existing wasp’s nests.

You can make a fake one by crumpling up a brown paper bag so that it resembles a nest. If your crumpling is creative enough, the wasps may steer clear.

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