If you’re unable to gather with family and friends in person, a video call is a great way to connect over the holidays.

Q: I lost my Thanksgiving this year and I’m afraid I’m going to lose my time over Christmas break, as well. My son and daughter, age 5 and 7, were scheduled to be with me, but because my mother lives with me and the state suggestion is to limit visitors over the holidays, their mom and I decided that they should stay with her this year. I feel like I’m losing touch. Calling on the phone or a video call falls flat. Here I’ve tried to do what’s right and cooperate with their mom, but I feel like I’m losing my kids. What’s good ex-etiquette?

A: The first thing I want to do is congratulate you and your co-parent for deciding together to do anything – not just decide where the kids will be over the holidays. We’re all making concessions during this time, but most who write me say they’re just plain tired of dealing with COVID; hearing that you’re using this time to work together in the best interest of your loved ones is inspiring. Just remember, you didn’t “lose” anything. Your loved ones are winning because you are working together in their best interest.

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