Holiday leftovers are gone and we’re back to packing school and work lunches.

One of the greatest grab-it-and-go foods is still the humble sandwich.

This week’s Trib Tips will show you some ideas that are better than sliced bread, including how to to make round deli meat slices fit square bread and how to make a grilled-cheese sandwich in your toaster.

Square bread, round hole

Sandwiches look frumpy when the sides of round deli meat are hanging over the sides of your bread. Here’s a simple fix:

Fold a round piece of deli meat in half, then in half again. Line up the now-square edges with the straight sides of your bread. Repeat until the entire bottom slice is covered with meat.

Master the moisture

Tomatoes are one of my favorite sandwich toppings, but they can quickly lead to a soggy sandwich.

For an easy fix, place your tomato slices between two layers of paper towels and press gently to absorb the extra moisture.

Here’s another tip: Put condiments between your meat and toppings. If they don’t touch the bread, it’s impossible for them to sog it up.

Any way you slice it

Forget the knife – use a pizza cutter to remove crusts and cut bread into squares. It’s much less crumby and doesn’t squish the bread in the process.

Toast for two

This is perfect for bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches that are crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside:

Put two slices of bread together in one slot and toast to the desired doneness. The outside will be toast; the inside still soft and tender.

Both sides now

Here’s a cool trick for a quick grilled-cheese sandwich: Turn your toaster on its side and place once piece of bread topped with a cheese slice in the single-slice slot.

Quick hint: If you haven’t cleaned your toaster in a while, you may want to shake out the crumbs first so they don’t land on your counter top.

Munchies for the masses

Grilled cheese is a great go-to sandwich, but if you’re feeding a lot of kids (or adults), frying them can be tedious.

Instead, preheat two baking sheets in the oven at 350. When hot, place your sandwiches on one sheet while pressing down on the sandwiches with the bottom of the second sheet. The heat should lightly toast your bread and melt your cheese at the same time.

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