Momentum Center hires Appleton as net-worker

Martha Appleton

The Momentum Center for Social Engagement has welcomed Martha Appleton to its team.

Appleton joins as the nonprofit’s new net-worker – a position that combines traditional nonprofit development with the need to grow income through Just Goods Gifts and Cafe’.

Barbara Lee VanHorssen said the Momentum Center is excited to have someone join its team who can address both of those challenges.

“Not only is she passionate about ending stigma, she has the skills and abilities we need to grow our network, expand our reach, and help secure our future,” VanHorssen said.

Appleton grew up in North Carolina and moved to West Michigan via New York City. She worked in aviation management for 15 years before entering the nonprofit field.

Appleton said she has always wanted to be involved in a grassroots organization that has solution-oriented goals.

“There is so much conversation and interest in adults and teens who struggle with mental illness, addictions and disabilities, but the Momentum Center is taking action and making sure that the community is informed and engaged,” Appleton said.

By joining the team, Appleton said she hopes to increase the awareness for the need of partnerships and financial support through investments in Just Goods Gifts and Cafe.

“We are fortunate to have her skills for this unique position that combines traditional nonprofit development and the growth of our income stream through Just Goods Gifts and Cafe,” said incoming Momentum Center board president Sandy Huber. “Marty’s strong people interactions along with her professional experiences make her a welcome choice for the Momentum team.”

As Appleton steps into her new role, she said she’s honored to join the team.

“Everyone has a friend or family connection to addiction and mental illness,” she said. “Ottawa County is fortunate to have the Momentum Center and to reduce stigma.”

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