Several hundred people gathered at Central Park in Grand Haven on Thursday for a Demonstration for Racial Justice and Equality. At 4, 5 and 6 p.m., participants knelt for 8 minutes — the amount of time a Minnesota police officer knelt on George Floyd's neck, resulting in Floyd's death. 

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Havn't we learned anything?


I have an idea! Let's have the riots come to Grand Haven. These people are idiot's.


That’s why you’re anonymous, just like the thugs with bandannas, no balls you want to spit stuff out let’s see who you are


Okay, would you like to dish it out? Name a meeting spot


I'm more than willing to meet up with you if you want to see who I am since you are so curious. Don't threaten or insinuate violence on a public forum. That's not smart. I'm only appeasing you by giving you an opportunity to seen who I am. I backup my original statement which is out of sarcasm. So, again this is your choice if you want to see me. I don't hide.


The problem is one can't see sarcasm in your post. It just sounds angry with name-calling.There are a lot of legitimate concerns being raised by these folks. Chill friend.


Aren't doing the same thing aa?


Nobody there was encouraging "riots" or violence of any kind. What is your objection to saying that black lives matter and that African-Americans deserve better treatment in our society than they have received?

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