The Lighthouse Quilt Guild held its 25th anniversary Quilt Show in July during the opening weekend of the 2019 Coast Guard Festival.

The winners in each category are:

Challenge Quilts

1st place: Karen Katje, “2019 Silver Challenge”

2nd place: MaryJane Rogers, “Silver Scene”

Art Quilts

1st place: Susan Krusynski, “Resilience #1”

2nd place: Joan Thomas, “Pin it to Them”

Youth Quilts

1st place: Jemma Norkoli, “Jenny Haskins Heritage” 

Other Techniques 

1st place: Wendy Rice, “Mystery Medallion”

Small Quilts

1st place: Leslie Johnson, “Giraffe Family #2”

Large/Medium Quilts

1st place: Pat Walborn, “Getting to Know hue”

2nd place: Diane Gustafson, “Splendid Sampler”

3rd place: Marianne Stuparits, “Star Night”

4th place: Jackie Baden “Wing & a Prayer”

5th place: Sara Earnest, “World Map”

6th place: Nancy Cook, “Kaffe Fassett Pineapple Quilt” 

7th (tie) place: Amy Stuparits, “Posies” 

7th (tie) place: Chris Bussell, “Sweet Ride” 

8th (tie) place: Marcia Knorr, “Double Wide” 

8th (tie) place: Jackie Fisher, “Spinning Blues”

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