Skeletons scattered around a “Pirate Chest,” was the crowd and judges’ favorite at the 38th annual Sand Sculpture Contest held Saturday at Grand Haven City Beach.

The team, Beach Sandsations, is no stranger to the contest.

“They are there year after year,” said Mary Sherman, director of events and programs at The Chamber, Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg, which organizes the event.

“They have the right equipment and they show up early,” Sherman said. “They are almost professionals.

“Pirate Chest” took the Peoples Choice award as well as first place in the adult crew division.

Second place went to the Waveriders for “Mr. Peanut.”

“Blue Thunder from Down Under,” a sculpture created in memory of one of the sculptor’s grandfather, who was on the submarine, took third place.

Sherman said there were only a handful of advance entries for the day’s competition. But once the weather turned out nice, the number of entries mounted to about 14.

“The weather was perfect and the beach was packed with people watching and taking pictures,” Sherman said.

Sculptures included everything from a single fish, to Rapunzel’s Castle, a sprawling octopus and a melted ice cream cone.

Contestants were all ages and many had done the event before.

Sherman said the event will continue next year and it usually occurs the weekend after Coast Guard Festival wraps up.

The rest of the winners are:

Individual adult: Conny Melchi won first place with her “Happy Hippos.” Ben Reed took second with “Rapunzel’s Castle.”

In Youth Individual, a brother and sister took first and second place with “Deep Sea Surprise” and “Slippery Swimmer.”

The Ski Boys took first place in Youth Crew with “Castles,” while the Periwinkle Megaladogs took second with “Melted Dreams,” a melted ice cream cone. Third place went to The Three Boys for “The Form of Hawaii.”

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