I read with interest the column from my colleague, Pastor John Koedyker, on “Looking at abortion from a position of faith” (July 13). I was disappointed, however, to see that it was only his own perspective on faith on this issue that was presented.

I was disappointed, but not surprised. Because increasingly in our country, and in our own local elections, one segment of Christianity is privileging their own personal view over the views of other Christians – not to mention those from other faith traditions or those who do not choose to belong to a faith tradition. And the idea that one particular view in one particular religion should govern the law of the entire country runs counter, not only to Christian charity but also to the First Amendment to our Constitution, which insists that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

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In my opinion, it's a simple proposition. Government has no business taking away the right to women's autonomy by forcing them to give birth under all circumstances.

It should be strictly a woman's choice, not a government mandate.


I support Roe but not the constant arrogant judgment of Cramer. He could have made his case without tearing down soemeone else…but that’s what a narcissist does.


I appreciated the breadth of resources from various faith traditions that Father Cramer offered his readers. And I find it interesting how many Christians tout what they refer to as our Judeo-Christian values, but then dismiss the view of Jewish Americans on fetal life and reproductive health. Too many Christians claim their view on this issue as the "Christian" view, despite the fact that, as Fr. Cramer also points out, this is not a view shared by all adherents to the Christian faith. Reading this column allowed me to listen respectfully to the views of Americans from varying faith traditions. And I learned from it.

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Totally agree with Rev. Cramer. One religion should not be the last word for women who do or don't seek abortion. If a woman does not want an abortion then don't have an abortion, but please don't think it is your right to push your beliefs on others. The SCOTUS is wrong. They have taken a right away from women. It is not the Goverment's business what a woman does with her body.

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