The Tri-Cities Climate Strike is scheduled to take place in Grand Haven’s Central Park from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20. Held as one of hundreds of demonstrations globally, the local event is being organized by St. John’s Episcopal Church of Grand Haven.

“In the very first stories of our sacred texts of Scripture, we are commanded by God to be stewards of creation,” said the Rev. Dr. Jared Cramer, rector of St. John’s. “Instead, we have abused creation, plundered national resources, and lived our lives in such a way that climate change is now an undeniable reality, one that will have profound negative impact upon our children and that is already having significant impact around the world, particularly upon the poor and struggling.”

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Chicken Little was right.


I think I'm going to yolo as hard as I can here in Grand Haven because we only have 12 years left to live.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Notwithstanding the fact that the Tribune apparently believes that every self-serving, virtue signaling statement or stunt by the Rev. Cramer deserves an article on or near the front page, apparently the Rev. isn’t satisfied and plans to have his followers lobby local news media to prominently and regularly publish climate news, while lobbying local schools to further indoctrinate students that they will die in 12 (or is it 11) years due to a climate emergency. That’s how Leftists attempt to accomplish their goal of having Government control every aspect of our lives – like the People's Republic of China assigning everyone a ‘Social Credit’ score to determine how much they will be able to participate in society.

At first I was going to question placing this article under the heading ‘Faith’ instead of ‘Politics’ but on reflection I believe the Tribune got it right. Global warming (oh, sorry, when the warming stopped for 16+ years they changed their whole movement to ‘Climate Change’) is every bit as much Theology as any other religious belief. Climate scientists and scientists in other relevant fields, like experts in solar, ocean, atmosphere, geo-thermal, etc. who are skeptical of the feverish claims of climate zealots are excommunicated.

When you take into account the manipulated data, the false data, the fake studies, and disregard satellite data, tropospheric temperatures, anomalies in temperature from ancient times and the 1920’s, you are forced to take it on ‘Faith’ that man and CO2 are destroying the planet.

The article was amusing in one respect, especially since climate zealots constantly conflate ‘weather’ with ‘global climate change’ citing one hurricane, one tornado, an exceptionally cold spell in the U.S. (and giving it a new scary name – the Polar Vortex) as evidence of climate change. I laughed out loud when I read “In the event of bad weather, activities will be held at St. John’s Episcopal Church” – these Wizards of Smart tell us with great confidence what the weather will be in 12 years, 40 years, 100 years but are unable to tell us what to expect in 5 days – maybe they should have cut down a tree in Central Park and studied its entrails, much like the Ancient Romans did with chicken livers.

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