There are 2.2 million people in our country’s nations and jails – a 500 percent increase over the past 40 years. We incarcerate a greater proportion of our own citizens than any other nation in the world. Just behind us are El Salvador, Rwanda and Russia. The amount of people incarcerated in Michigan alone is about the same as the entire prison population in Canada.

The reasons behind the increase in mass incarceration in our country have been well documented. The “War on Drugs” of the 1980s turned substance abuse problems into a criminal issue – meaning we went from a little less than 41,000 people in prison for drug-related offenses in 1980 to nearly 453,000 in 2017. The National Resource Council has also reported that nearly half of the growth in state prison populations was due to an increase in time served for offensives, the results of harsher mandatory sentencing laws and the reduction of releasing people on parole.

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I think before you compare a very vague poll comparing what Christians think of the purpose of Prison to what the Justice system believes should first be scrutinized with a definition of Christianity. Appears he is using "practicing Christians" as an example to debunk and demonize the modality of the justice system. Very divisive approach by using what he thinks is God's divine Word, along with assumed accurate polls to bolster his leftist elitist view point. There are consequences for our actions.. He tends to drag you into the weeds, instead of staying in his field. Great discernment needs to be sought. I would guess he has not a clue on what I am saying. Preach the Gospel. Few people care about any of our opinions.


well said this Cramer guy should stick to his church.


One has to wonder what childhood trauma, DNA gene, or other defect makes one so narcissistic that he feels the need to constantly virtue signal and lecture his fellow human beings on their faults and the superiority of his ethics, morals, and understanding of (1) the human condition; (2) the benighted condition of America and its citizens; and (3) his disdain for the decisions of the voters, the elected representatives of the citizens, and the safety of the populace.

One could easily see such a person as the Cotton Mather of Colonial Days, and cheering the victims of the Salem Witch Trials based on the same Narcissim, except today’s victims would be White Men and Conservatives.

Maybe the Narcissist in Chief should defend the proposition that ‘Fact Based’ Incarceration is a better model for public policy than “Faith Based” Incarceration.

As a final observation, it’s telling that he who is better than the rest of us mortals blandly notes “The “War on Drugs” of the 1980s turned substance abuse problems into a criminal issue –“ Of Course, that was Bill and Hillary Clinton’s work – guess that’s not relevant.

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