When Paul Pelosi got attacked by a political fanatic, some politicians made fun of it. Some Americans responded with a conspiracy theory, that the intruder and the victim had known each other, and some even said they were in a sexual relationship.

This lack of compassion shown by far too many Americans, especially by politicians, may have been a factor in the election on Nov. 8. Far more Americans sent a message to the rest of the country, “We have had enough of all this anger, violence, resentment and name calling. Enough is enough!”

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Dr. Vladtheimp

I wonder how a Reverend who cares so much about love and compassion could support the murder of the most innocent among us - unborn babies. Do they deserve less compassion and love than the hungry, the stranger, the homeless, those who are alone and lonely?

Seems hypocritical - the murdered babies don't get to be hungry, a stranger, homeless, or alone and lonely - they get snuffed out before they can meet your criteria of love and compassion.

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