The Board of Light and Power's Diesel Plant, located at 518 S. Harbor Dr. — across from the Coast Guard station — will soon be gutted and redeveloped. Prior to that happening, the plant was open for tours Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 6-7. The plant ceased operations in the early 2000s. 

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Thank you for this collection. I was able to go to the tour last evening and was once again floored by the enormity of the diesel generators. As an engineer who designs machines, I first think of how the parts for these machines, especially the 12'-15' flywheels they have, were made 70-90 years ago. The photos don't really do justice to their massiveness. You have to see them in person. I was at the 100-year anniversary open house back in 1996 and they actually fired up one of them with one of the access door open so you could observe the crank and connecting rod functioning. The engine was so loud that my friend and I had to yell directly into each other's ear to communicate. I can't imagine the cacophony of all seven running at the same time. Must have been unbearable for anyone working there. Probably unbearably hot in there in the summer with the heat of the weather and what they generate while running. I would highly recommend that anyone who can go this afternoon, get there and see them for yourself. You will amazed. It saddens me that this piece of Grand Haven's history will soon be no more. In its time, it was the largest diesel electric-generating plant in the country.

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