Ottawa County saw an overall turnout of 29.5 percent between polling on Tuesday and absentee ballots for the Michigan presidential primary.

According to the Ottawa County elections website, 61,374 people cast a ballot of the county's 207,836 registered voters.

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No mention of Democrat voter suppression of Bernie votes? Even Leftist Dr. Jill Stein noted what was going on

Of course, maybe Democrat voters just like a candidate who cussed out and insulted union auto workers and claimed support for AR-14's while questioning why anyone needs 100 rounds after praising gun confiscator Beto O'Rourke.

Democrat policies are so confusing - like wanting to declare Biden a winner without future debates or votes regarding 50% + of outstanding delegates and demanding he select a black female (isn't that transphobic?) running mate?

Can anyone say "25th Amendment"?

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