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An employee at JW’s Food & Spirits in Grand Haven serves a drink to a guest on Wednesday afternoon.

Michigan restaurant owners can exhale a sigh of relief – at least temporarily.

Last week, a court ruling that would have more than doubled wages for tipped workers – currently less than $4 an hour up to $12 – was granted a 205-day stay by Court of Claims Judge Douglas Shapiro, giving the state more time to formulate an appeal, and Michigan restaurants time to take a long, hard look at what their futures might entail.

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A "tip" is meant to be a bonus to an employee for doing a great job, above and beyond.

It should not be a customer's duty to pay extra in order for an employee to be paid a fair wage. Imagine going to a grocery store, or gas station, and having to tip the cashier because the store is only paying them $3/hr, and the social contract is that not adding 20% to your grocery order is being insensitive/cruel to the worker.

Raising the wage for a server will mean that I, as the customer, am not forced to add a 20% tax to the bill in order to make up for an employer's unwillingness to pay an employee properly. Tips should never be mandatory--they should be a gift for appreciation.

So, yes... employers will pay more per hour, but customers will give less in tips (if they tip at all). That's how it SHOULD be. It should be a normal employment.

Restaurants that already do a "mandatory 20 gratuity for parties" are probably a good reflection of just what sort of tips will be given after this bill becomes law.

A caveat right now is that I don't know if a restaurant is paying their wait-staff $3/hr, or $8/hr, so I still tip a minimum of 20% for most meals. But knowing that an employee is making $10/hr may bring me down to 10%, or I might still tip higher if I experienced very good service.

Again, I dislike that the social contract says that I'm a bad person if I'm don't pay the voluntary tax to support an employee.

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