The past few months have been full of firsts for Christine Baker. She ran a political campaign and made phone calls to potential voters, all for her run for a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives.

And while the Grand Haven woman didn’t win the election, Monday night was still the start of a new chapter in her life. It was her first official swing of the gavel, adjourning her first Grand Haven school board meeting as president.

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Dr. Vladtheimp

Seriously Grand Haven?

How could a responsible school board install a President who has publicly advertised, on record, that she supports:

● Forcing pre-kindergartners into government schools;

● Taking money from GHAPS and sending it to Detroit and Flint;

● More DIE (Diversity Inclusion and Equity in GHAPS;

● Forcing trades persons to pay the student loans of doctors, lawyers and federal bureaucrats;

● More restrictions on 2nd Amendment Rights;

● Abortion on demand;

Maybe the argument is that she lied in her campaign to get elected, but since she lost, she has retracted these positions and won’t support them on the school board . . . .



Surely you jest! Reading your comment one could reach the conclusion you support GOP lies, disinformation, fake outrage, bad faith arguments, hypocrisy, whataboutism, abuse of power, fraud, graft, crime, terrorism, sedition, and the chaos!

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