Each week, the Grand Haven Tribune highlights the ongoing efforts in West Michigan schools through the Classroom of the Week feature.

Here’s more about this week’s featured class:

Teacher: Miss Anna Ball

School: Rosy Mound Elementary School

Grade: Kindergarten

What makes your classroom unique?

I think my classroom is unique because I allow my students so much choice! I love to empower them to be responsible for their own learning and choices. I teach a lot about how to make choices and how to do what is best for them. I allow them to work around the room in a spot that works best for them. They may choose to read, write or work with a pillow, in a nook, in their seat, standing at a table or in a cool scoop chair – it is their choice. It is so fun to see them be responsible for this; they are so much happier. Many people wouldn’t think 5- and 6 -year-olds are capable of this but they definitely are. I think it makes our classroom an enjoyable place to be.

What do you hope students gain from their time in your classroom?

I hope my students gain so many things from their time in my classroom, but one of the things I love to pass on the most is a love for reading. Books are the best way to go on adventures and grow our brains, even as adults! I want my students to never give up on reading and remember that the right book is out there for them. They just have to look for it.

How do you hope what your students are learning now will affect their future?

One of the things I teach often in my classroom is the idea of a “Big Brain and a Big Heart.” In our classroom, this means that whatever we are doing in our school, playground, world and life should be doing two things: growing our brains and growing our hearts. If it isn’t doing one or both of these things, we should stop and think about why we are doing it. I think this will help them grow into amazing adults some day who are empowered to change the world and bring more kindness to everyone around them.

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