ROBINSON TWP. — Although school doesn’t start for two more weeks, children have been eager to try out the new playground equipment installed at Robinson Elementary School a week ago.

Volunteers installed the new playground structure Aug. 9. It features money bars, a balance beam and other opportunities for lower-elementary schoolchildren to climb. They also installed a tetherball for upper-elementary students.

A fundraiser and a few years with a surplus PTO budget paid for the cost of the new playground equipment, which was about $15,000, according to Becky Bakker, vice president of the school’s PTO.

To help as much funding as possible go toward the equipment, the PTO sought volunteers for a community build. About 30 volunteers of all ages helped out.

Two workers from Sinclair Recreation, the equipment company, also donated their time on the site to guide volunteers and ensure they followed directions and code.

“It was a very fun day,” Bakker said.

The new equipment replaces an older piece that was removed.

Students on the school’s Fuel Up to Play 60 team provided suggestions for the new equipment. The PTO worked with Sinclair Recreation to select a piece that took those suggestions into account and fit the budget.

As children tried out the new structure Thursday, fourth-grader Natalie Bakker played with her friends and siblings. Natalie said she liked being able to walk across the balance beam and climb the monkey bars.

“It’s fun,” she said.

Bakker noted that they received donations of food, water and equipment from Junction Pizza, Wesco and Reenders Blueberry Farms.

“It was definitely a community project to make the final piece go in,” she said.

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