Each week, the Grand Haven Tribune highlights the ongoing efforts in West Michigan schools through the Classroom of the Week feature.

Here’s more about this week’s featured class:

Teacher: Mr. Mike Rotman

School: Holmes Elementary

Class: SXI

What makes your classroom unique? Our students and the ways they teach our schools and community different lessons about overcoming various obstacles to achieve a goal together. Each student is included in general education classrooms and activities as much as possible, whether it’s academics, specials, lunch, field trips or other classroom functions. Despite severe multiple impairments, students can still participate in meaningful activities with their same-age peers.

How is your classroom involved in the community? Students participate in field trips with their general education classrooms, swim at the aquatic center with students at the intermediate school, attend the Spring Lake farmers market and partake in activities at the Spring Lake library. Students also attend a holiday concert at the Little Red House, Coast Guard festival, the Ottawa County Fair and have helped with local food drives.

What do you hope students gain from their time in your classroom? We hope they have an improved quality of life. This is done through an individualized approach of teaching academics, self-determination skills, independent living, communication and mobility skills. This is all done with an inclusive setting as much as possible.

How do you hope what your students are learning now will affect their future? We hope they will continue to grow and be more independent. We also hope our students will continue to learn and develop their skills so their quality of life is maximized.

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