Each week, the Grand Haven Tribune highlights the ongoing efforts in West Michigan schools through the Classroom of the Week feature.

Here’s more about this week’s featured class:

Teacher: Ms. Kristin Jolink 

School: Peach Plains Elementary School 

Grade: First

What makes your classroom unique? My classroom is unique in the sense that our class name is The Champs. My 20 first-graders work and play like champs. They are big on motivating each other and being a champion for all the players on our team … whether it’s in reading, writing, math science, P.E. class or on the playground. One other unique aspect of my classroom is that I have a set of triplets and two sets of twins … keeping it in the family! Another unique aspect of my classroom is after being a first-grade teacher at Peach Plains for 30 years, I am starting to teach former students’ children!

How is your classroom involved in the community? My classroom will be involved in piloting a partnership with the Tri-Cities Historical Museum to enhance our social studies curriculum and bring it to life. The Tri-Cities Historical Museum hopes to get out in the community to promote resources. We will tap into their resources and study how schools and families have changed over time.

What do you hope students gain from their time in your classroom? My hope is for my students to become life-long learners, to persevere and show kindness, respect, and empathy for one another. I want them to feel successful in whatever path they choose to take in the future. As part of the Champs team, we learn the importance of being a team player and making other feel important.

How do you hope what your students are learning now will affect their future? My hope is for my students to love learning and be risk takers. In first grade, we work so hard on building the foundation for learning and sharing our thoughts and ideas with our peers. I truly value the relationships I have been so fortunate to form with students and their families. I love when they share with me the journey they took after leaving Peach. It’s always an honor to be invited to graduation parties and even weddings of former students.

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