Each week, the Grand Haven Tribune highlights the ongoing efforts in West Michigan schools through the Classroom of the Week feature.

Here’s more about this week’s featured class:

Teacher: Ms. Kathleen Streng

School: Ferry

Grade: second

What makes your classroom unique? Our jungle-themed room is special and unique because we have fun while learning together. We understand what “fair” means – that we aren’t all going to get the same thing, but we will get what we need in order to be successful. Another thing that’s unique is when I was in elementary school, all my siblings and my dad attended Ferry. The students love to hear stories from when I went to school here. Second-graders love visitors, and every Memorial Day, I invite my brother to come in and speak about his time served in the military. They get an opportunity to learn about Memorial Day, view pictures from his ship, and ask questions.

How is your classroom involved in the community? Along with having guests, like my brother speaking, we also are involved in the community through our partnership with the Tri-Cities Historical Museum. In second-grade social studies, we learn about our community. We study and learn about what life was like in Grand Haven when it was first founded. Guests from the museum come to the classroom and bring artifacts to share with the students. In the spring, we walk to the museum. We have an opportunity to tour the museum and listen to the different docents as they take us through the history of the Tri-Cities.

What do you hope students gain from their time in your classroom? My hope is that each student feels loved, valued, and empowered to accomplish whatever challenge they may be faced with.

How do you hope what your students are learning now will affect their future? I hope students will carry what they’ve learned in second grade into third grade and so on. It’s a wonderful feeling when past students return for a visit and they share, “I remember when we learned about ...” I also hope they will be equipped with the foundational skills needed in order to problem solve, persevere in tough situations, and to understand hard work pays off.

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