Ottawa County recently released its campaign filing report of those running for local school board seats.

This article looks at who supported those running for seats on Spring Lake Public Schools’ Board of Education. Later this week, we’ll take a look at those running for spots on the Grand Haven Area Public Schools Board of Education.

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It’s a good article but I wish you’d look a bit closer at who’s funding races and issues in Grand Haven. Especially troublesome was the last City Council race where candidate Kevin McLaughlin recorded a $500 contribution from a local pot dealer in an election where pot was never raised as an issue, only to have Council then pass an ordinance allowing this contributor to expand his business, and McLaughlin isn’t the only newly elected Council-person whose support in that election isn’t clear..


It is for this kind of reporting that I choose to subscribe to local newspapers.

As a member of the Spring Lake school district community, I'm grateful for this valuable information about who's funding the candidates for the important role of providing board oversight of our public school system - a system intended to serve all its students and their families, as well as the community in which they live. Clearly, a few people seem to have a vested interest in the candidates running against the incumbents. One wonders what they expect as a return on their investment.


Thank you for providing a list of individuals that will no longer see any business from me. This group seeks to reshape our already highly successful school system to fit their narrow, personal views.

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