The Tribune distributed questionnaires to candidates running in contested races in the August primary. The responses below have not been edited. 

Mick Bricker (Republican) is running for the 88th House district.

Name: Mick Bricker

Age: 65


– Currently a contractor.

– Past - Aerospace and automotive industries. Worked on F-16 and F-18 as a Quality Engineer, process improvement engineer, training supervisor, and a 3rd Party Certified Auditor.

– Past - contractor for Sikorsky Helicopter and Pratt and Whitney jet engines.

Home Town:

– Spring Lake.

– Grew up on a farm 1 hour south of Holland.

– Past communities include Norton Shores and Robinson Township.

Please Introduce yourself to voters:

– Very strong Christian Conservative.

– Trump Endorsed on November 17, 2021.

– Married to Pam and have 3 grown children.

– 100 % pro-life and a current supporter of several pro-life organizations in Michigan.

– 100% pro 2nd Amendment and a 3rd generation NRA member with a AQ rating (the highest that a non-previously elected candidate can earn). Endorsed by Great Lakes Gun Rights and a member of Gun Owners of America. — 100% Smaller Government. Will vote to reduce the state budget by over a billion dollars. — 100% Local Government. Lansing SHOULD NOT be overriding the authority of counties, townships, villages and cities in the 88th District.

– 100% Lower Taxes. Will vote to reduce the state income tax.

– Have been a member of All Shores Wesleyan Church in Spring Lake since 1997 and have served on their Executive and Outreach boards in upper leadership positions.

– Past Leader in local Boy Scout Troop.

– Past mission trips include leading teams to Mongolia, Honduras, and Africa.

– The only candidate that has lived and worked in both Ottawa and Muskegon counties. — Not accepting corporate donations to the campaign. One of the main reasons that our elected officials are not responsive to the voters is because their loyalties lie with the big money corporate donors. — Came out of semi-retirement to serve in Lansing. Committed to team limits (3 terms, 6 years total) no matter what. The motivation is to serve the voters of the 88th district and not to use the office as a steppingstone to a higher profile government or corporate job.

Why are you running for Office?

– To ensure free and fair elections with 100% integrity that everyone can trust.

– To grow the economy after the illegal Whitmer shutdowns.

– To grow profits in Michigan companies so that they can employ more citizens at higher wages. — To fix our state budget and budget priorities to protect taxpayers and retirees on fixed incomes. Our out-of control state budget is feeding into inflation which is robbing people of their life savings.

– To provide for an even playing field for business in Michigan, where the government does not pick winners and losers.

– Develop a business climate that attracts business from other states and countries. Our current climate drives business and workers out of Michigan.

What are the 2-3 most pressing issues facing the constituents in the district you hope to represent, and how would you plan to handle those?

1. Voter Integrity:

– The basic tenet of one person/one vote is the foundation for our freedom in Michigan and in the United State of America. This right needs to always be protected at all costs.

– Make voter ID mandatory for all absentees and for all voting.

– Every voter signature should be honestly verified.

– Voter lists should automatically expire. A voter would renew their voter information while they renew their driver’s license. Failure to renew voter information would mean that their name would automatically be removed.

– Develop a simple, robust process that all precincts must follow. The current process is not well defined which can cause errors and lead to corruption.

– Create a permanent auditing process.

– Ballots should be stored for 10 years and be able to be independently verified and reviewed. — Our elections should be safe and secure and beyond doubt.

– Any voting machine that produces significant error rates should be disqualified from counting ballots. — Anonymous ballot drop boxes, ripe for fraud, should be outlawed.

– Eliminate all electronic voter machines.

– Perform a forensic audit of the 2022 election.

– Pass legislation to make it easier to prosecute people involved in voter fraud.

2. The takeover of our basic rights and freedoms by our local and state governments:

– Our school boards should be responsive to the parents, and our state curriculum standards should reflect pride in our country and not promote racism and Marxism.

— Eliminate any future unconstitutional shutdowns of schools, churches and businesses by the Governor. — Mask mandates and forced vaccinations of children should be outlawed.

– Ottawa County Health Department needs to be held accountable for their actions by the Ottawa County Commissioners.

– Our state representatives should push back against the illegal actions of the Governor, and extremists by cutting their budgets. Right now, Lansing Republicans keep funding left-wing insanity.

– Support Constitutional Carry and repealing the Handguns Registration law.

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Mick appears mighty paranoid and down on Michigan. Apparently he's not aware of what's been actually happening in Michigan, preferring to run on fake news and conspiracy theories. And speaking of Debbie Downer..... Melancholy Mick should be pleased to know Michigan is going great guns under Gov Whitmer's direction!

For instance, as of May 3, 2022:

Site Selection magazine released its annual rankings of Global Best to Invest locations, with Michigan moving up a spot to #9 for the 2022 Prosperity Cup; the Prosperity Cup is awarded to the most competitive states based on an index of 10 criteria, including project, capital expenditure and job creation data from Site Selection and data from the Tax Foundation, ACT and Beacon Hill Institute.

Michigan also continues to rank among the Top 20 in Chief Executive’s 2022 ranking of Best and Worst States for Doing Business, coming in at #18. Over the last decade, Michigan has made historic strides in the rankings, with no other state coming close to our momentum and progress.

This week’s ranking announcements build on other achievements for the state in the past year, including a 2021 Gold Shovel award for Manufacturing from Area Development; the Annual Gold & Silver Shovel Awards are presented annually to states that have achieved significant success in terms of job creation and economic impact.

In a February 2022 Bloomberg opinion piece, Michigan was recognized as the #1 economy among 37 other states with a population greater than two million since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Michigan also ranked #2 in the country in Credible’s list of states where the economy has recovered the most from COVID-19, citing Governor Whitmer’s economic recovery plans for businesses and residents of the state. In addition, Site Selection magazine recognized Michigan as a top state in sustainable development practices, ranking #3 in their 2021 Sustainability Rankings.

The recognition for Michigan also comes on the heels of exciting investments in 2022, including: LG Energy Solution’s Holland expansion announced in March 2022, bringing an investment of $1.7 billion and 1,200 jobs; the state’s collaborative public/private partnership with Ford and the city of Detroit announced in February 2022, transforming the Michigan Central Train Station into a globally recognized hub for talent, mobility innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, affordable housing, small business opportunities and community engagement; and GM’s historic $7 billion investment announced in January 2022, creating 4,000 and retaining 1,000 jobs as part of the automotive manufacturer’s commitment to creating an all-electric future right in Michigan.

Beyond that, anybody whose claim to fame is being endorsed by a twice-impeached, twice-divorced, pathological lying, former president who planned and incited a deadly, armed insurrection to overthrow the government and steal a democratic election to keep in power in order to avoid future multiple criminal prosecutions should not be even close to public office.


Little too much time and bitterness again this week.,.


Trump and his supporters - especially those who are running for office with his endorsement - are anti-democracy and can not be allowed to infiltrate our democratic local governments, democratic states, or our democratic federal government.

If you support this multiple law-breaking criminal former president, you are part of the problem as you have no respect for the Rule of Law and apparently believe some men are above the law. That is authoritarianism and has no place in our government.

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