James and Peters

Republican John James, left, is challenging Democrat incumbent Gary Peters, right, for one of Michigan’s two seats in the U.S. Senate.

LANSING — Democratic Sen. Gary Peters and Republican challenger John James staked out differing stances on the fight over President Donald Trump’s pending Supreme Court pick.

Peters said over the weekend that given the stakes involved, “voters should have their voices heard” in the fall presidential election, and no nomination to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be made until the next presidential term begins.

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When McConnell made the unprecedented move of refusing even a hearing or any discussion on Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland (a highly-regarded centrist), his rationale in doing so was it was too close to the upcoming election, which was a full 8 months away. We are now into the voting period – early voting has begun in several states, with election day just weeks away. Now he has flip-flopped – he and Trump.

McConnell and Senate Republicans are fighting to steal 2 Supreme Court seats, 4 years apart, using completely contradictory rationales.

Democrats are fighting to honor RBG’s last wish (no hearings until after Inauguration) and her legacy.

In the last 7 Presidential elections, the Republican candidate got the most popular votes just once. That is not a mandate that allows you to strong arm the country into a right-wing court that does not represent the will of the people, according to countless polls over decades.

I recommend the power-hungry, broken Republican Senate continue full speed ahead! Push that Trump nominee forward as quickly as you did the tax cuts for the wealthy! It’s energizing people of all political persuasions to donate to the Biden/Harris campaigns, as well as Democrat Senate campaigns – in record amounts, and activated a Get Out the Vote campaign second to none.

Once Democrats win the presidency and the Senate, they can set out to reform the defiled and corrupt, Presidency and the Republican Senate, and along with the Supreme Court, return these branches of government to reflect our Constitution – We the People.


Again, a con game to re-write history.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, herself a Justice nominated and confirmed during an election year, has and had no control over the President’s Constitutional obligations and authority. In fact, if she even said those words after having gone on record that President’s don’t lose their authority while they are still President and that vacancies should be filled because an 8 Justice Court is not a good Court, she actually allegedly said:

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” Ginsburg allegedly said. Notice how RBG did not say, "until after the election" or "until the next presidential term".

She said "until a new president is installed," meaning one different than Trump. She was specifically saying that she did not want Trump to be the one to replace her, even if he win

Lanivan inadvertently admits that elections have consequences – President Trump is President until the incumbent or a new President is inaugurated. Until such time, Donald J. Trump is President of the United States and can exercise his Constitutional authorities.

According to the Lanivan dream, : “Once Democrats win the presidency and the Senate, they can set out to reform the defiled and corrupt, Presidency and the Republican Senate, and along with the Supreme Court, return these branches of government to reflect our Constitution – We the People.”

Apparently that means continuing the defilement and corruption of historical precedent started by Dirty Harry Reid to end the Legislative filibuster; pack the Supreme Court with Socialists, and add The Emerging People’s Republic of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as ‘States’.

We’ll see if the Democrat vote fraud schemes will prevail over Americans – White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Union Members, Taxpayers, Male, Female, Gay, who support America.


Let's cut to the chase. We all know that Trump is actively using all the levers of government to steal the election. He knows the odds are great he will lose, so he’ll do anything, including tampering with electors to throw the results into question in hopes that his newly constituted SC will save him. Trump just admitted his motivation for ramming through a new justice is to serve as a tiebreaker to hand him the presidency....."Donald Trump predicts the Supreme Court will decide the outcome of November's election, arguing the Senate should confirm his nominee to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg to break any tie." Now how corrupt can one person get? And your idea of packing the court with "socialists"? You mean Merrick Garland? President Obama's choice to serve as the newest Supreme Court justice is Merrick Garland, a moderate federal appeals court judge and former prosecutor with a reputation for collegiality and meticulous legal reasoning.

Garland, who has won past Republican support, has "more federal judicial experience than any other Supreme Court nominee in history," a White House official said. "No one is better suited to immediately serve on the Supreme Court." Wow. You folks will stoop to whatever it takes to hold onto power and subvert the institution of the Senate and the Supreme Court, not to mention the presidency.


Senator 2-Faced Peters on Obama making an appointment to fill a Supreme Court vacancy during a Presidential Election year:

“The president has done his constitutional duty, which is to make a nomination to the Supreme Court with the vacancy, and now it’s time for the United States Senate to do our constitutional duty, which is to provide advice and consent and that means holding formal hearings,”

The Democrats are lying and ignoring the Constitution. Article 2, Section 2 states, in pertinent part:

"[The President] shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officers of the United States,"

The people have already decided who will choose the next Supreme Court Justice when we elected President Donald John Trump President in 2016 for a four (4) year term. This was the position of the late Justice Ruth Ginsburg who herself was nominated during a Presidential Election year.

President Trump and the Senate are following years of historical precedent (this has occurred 29 times before). Failing to follow precedent is simply another Pelosi and Schumer con job attempting to re-write history. (And for Senator 2-Face, 'hearing' are not a Constitutional requirement - a vote is sufficient for the advice and consent role of the Senate.

To quote a well known Constitutional lecturer - Elections Have Consequences.


Bingo Vlad. I say don't hold any hearings. The Democrats have showed us that they will make them nothing but a circus clown show anyway. Just hold a vote and skip that malarkey.

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