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Consumers Energy has announced it will cease operations at the Campbell generating complex in Port Sheldon Township by 2025. How will that effect the Grand Haven school district, Ottawa County and local governments?

Consumers Energy on Wednesday announced a sweeping proposal to stop using coal as a fuel source for electricity by 2025 – 15 years faster than what is currently planned.

“We are proud to lead Michigan’s clean energy transformation and be one of the first utilities in the country to end coal use,” President/CEO Garrick Rochow said. “We are committed to being a force of change and good stewards of our environment, producing reliable, affordable energy for our customers while caring for our communities during this transition.”

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Dr. Vladtheimp

Welcome to California East. California, where they are now directing electric vehicle owners to charge up during off-peak peak hours.

According to, the average electric car uses 30 kilowatt hours to travel a hundred miles. That’s the same amount an average American home uses per day. As California shifts to electric cars to reduce carbon emissions, it’s having an impact on the state’s power grid and the demand is only expected to increase.

Soon the Democrats will reach their goal of turning this country into a Third World cesspit - in the name of Equity, you know.


You are comparing apples and oranges. The average cost of electricity to travel 1100 miles per month is $41.00. You cannot fill up with gas for $41.00 and travel 1100 miles.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Purposefully obtuse or just attempting to divert attention? My comment had nothing to do with cost and everything to do with the electric grid and its increasing fragility when relying more and more on so-called 'renewables.

Driving an EV 100 miles consumes the same electricity as running a house for a day. The average car travels 15,000 miles a year. Do you not see what stress electric cars put on the Grid? Seriously? Can you not understand that while we can burn coal 24/7 the sun doesn't shine nor the wind blow 24/7 and we don't have the technology to store energy from renewables. Did you move here from California by chance?


If you live in Texas you should really worry about the grid.


This should ease your mind: "Installed Storage Capacity Could Increase Five-Fold by 2050

Across all scenarios in the study, utility-scale diurnal energy storage deployment grows significantly through 2050, totaling over 125 gigawatts of installed capacity in the modest cost and performance assumptions—a more than five-fold increase from today’s total. Depending on cost and other variables, deployment could total as much as 680 gigawatts by 2050."

And: "Electricity from fossil fuels costs between 5 cents and 17 cents per kilowatt-hour. Solar energy costs average between 3 cents and 6 cents per kilowatt-hour and are trending down, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory."

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